For members from overseas


For members from overseas

Thank you for your interest in my site.
Recently, I have received an increasing number of questions from new international members.

As our membership system is somewhat complicated, there may be some points that are difficult for overseas members to understand. Although the administrator of this site is not very good at English, I have a page with English translations of the membership system.

Please be sure to check the membership system before asking questions.
As a rule, the administrator will not answer questions that should be answered by reading the Membership page. Please understand that.

▼Please open the “About membership registration” page and click on the “Click here for the English version. ” 

Request to English-speaking members who are already Special Members

Those of you who are already Special Members should be fully aware of our membership program.
However, as mentioned above, the manager of this site is not very good at English. Therefore, the English translations in various parts of this site may be difficult for you to understand, redundant, misleading, or unnatural.
If any native English speaker notices such inappropriate statements, please let the administrator know. Thank you in advance.

Apologies to non-English speaking members

According to our 2022 results, about 55% of access to our site was from Japan. This is followed by the U.S. and Germany, with many accesses from Chinese- and Korean-speaking countries.
However, the administrator does not understand anything other than Japanese and English, so translations into other languages are not possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

I encourage members to write comments and DMs in their own native language. There is no need to translate them into Japanese (However, please be as concise as possible and use correct spelling so that the automatic translation will work correctly).
In principle, replies from the administrator will also be written in Japanese. These are the basic policies of this site.