Notice Regarding Fields to be Filled Out When Applying for Special Membership

When your total support reaches 7,500 yen and you apply for the special membership, there are rare errors in filling out the application form.
Please read the following carefully and fill in the form correctly.
If you fill out the form incorrectly, I will not be able to ascertain the amount of your support/purchase and your promotion to Special Membership will not be carried out.


What you are required to enter in the “User Name of FANBOX” field is the user name (nickname) you are using on FANBOX. It is not your login ID.

The number you enter in the “Order number in BOOTH” field is the “order number” of the Negisho work you purchased. It is not your username, login ID, or payment number.

Click here to check your FANBOX username
Click here to check your BOOTH order number